Thursday, 30 October 2014

New Painting: Harry Houdini

My painting of Harry Houdini who died on Halloween 1926

In my Pre 3D and art life I worked for many years all over the world as an escape artist. in fact over on the main site there is even a very frank video on that time with some the TV spots I did over the years for those curious enough.

So it might not come as a surprise that for my next painting I decided to do one of Harry Houdini.  He died on 31st October 1926 (halloween), and originally I was going to hold making this painting public until halloween but alas as I am in the middle of moving from Edinburgh back to my home town I won't have a bloody internet connection then, so I'm having upload this a day early.

So this one is a bit more personal than I usually do as HH was always (and still is, in fact I still have an extensive collection in storage, along with one of his original escape trunks)  one of my big inspirations.  He was a remarkable man who ended up the biggest star of his day and arguably more famous back then than any star is these days.  So I picked what was always my favourite photo of him which I think captures the intense side of his character.

I'm not putting this one up for sale (barring anyone making offers of a shit load of money lol) as its intended for the wall of my new flat.  In fact I still have another painting or three to do to save on buying paintings and shit to decorate it lol.  plus I still have a on my two kids requested of Batman, which I have sort of been putting off as a lot of very god artists have done 'batman' and so I treat it sort of as a poisoned chalice lol.  

3D wise, now I am back freelancing expect to see new 3D art and videos once I am back on my feet and sorted out in my new place.  In fact i do have rather a lot of good ideas.  (...and maybe one or two for new apps.) 

I have no idea how long it'll be until I have a decent internet connection, but thankfully I won't be completely out of touch as I do have  rather nifty internet dongle. :)  So I hope you enjoy the Halloween painting of Harry Houdini and its dedicated to my old escapology friend and teacher Norman Bigelow who is going through some very hard times on the health front the moment.  (Stay strong old friend!) 

Maybe I' even start hunting out my old escape gear for storage at some point ;)

New Album Out Now: GSMA - Super CopperNanotube

I'd actually forgot to mention that my latest album released under the name GSMA called 'Super Copper nanotube' went on release last week.  So you can now find it on Spotify, on amazon, on iTunes and a shed load of other places.  So give it a go, its an album of  Dark Techno and features a few special guest 'voices'.

Spotify Link

Amazon link

iTunes Link

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Album coming soon: Super Copper Nanotube released under the name 'GSMA'

My new music album released under the name 'GSMA'

I've just Submitted my 6th album in 12 months a few minutes ago.  I'm releasing this one under the name GSMA and its entitled 'Super Copper Nanotube'.  Its a dark techno album, so I decided to separate the different styles of music I release into different artist names to save confusion.

It has a running time 1 hour 30 mins, and you may notice one or two well known voices once it is released. ;)  As you can see I couldn't resist some terrible puns in the song titles...

The Track listing:

1 - Deathsticks (Junkie Wan Kenobi Mix
2 - Amnesiac
3 - The Manson Prototypes
4 - Techno Pills
5 - Techno Time Off 
6 - Techno Pity (Digeri Dont You Fucking Dare)
7 - Funky Notation
8 - Techno Calls
9 - Techno Prisoners
10 - Techno Substitutes
11 - 8 bit Boobies
12 - Countdown (The Generator)
13 - Gimp Suit
14 - Super Copper Nanotubes
15 - G.S.M.A.

The red GSMA logo was designed by my good mate Eric de Broche of Luxigon Paris, the cover itself sketched out on my phone in Cafe Nero during my lunch hour today.  The album should be out as soon as apple, google, spotify etc all pull there fingers out.  (So say any timeup to a month lol)

(Now the chemical symbol for copper is 'Cu' and nanotubes are usually abbreviated to 'N.T ...but I highly doubted I could have got away with releasing an album called Super****' lol.)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I'm Leaving Rockstar North

Finally some 3D news from me for a change! (Yes it has been a while hasnt it? )

I made the decision a couple of weeks back to leave Rockstar Games,  As you may be aware I've been working as senior environment artist at Rockstar North in Edinburgh since march.  The decisions to leave is mine, and it is for very personal reasons.   What I will say is that it's in no way due to anything in any way to do with Rockstar or my job, or the people I work with.  I've had a wonderful time  at R* and  I am very sad to have be leaving.

But this is for a very private & personal reason that I will not be discussing. Period.  What I will say is it is not related to my health before any Chinese whispers start.  (I'm still the same irresponsible crazy bastard I always was).

I've had a wonderful time at Rockstar North and have made lots of new friends and spending time in Edinburgh.  So I'll be going back to freelancing for a while (into next year at the very least, maybe longer.)  This gives me time hopefully to sort out some personal things that mean I could not confidently give 100% to a  full time position.  I was intending to keep this very low key, however the fact I do wish to eat means I have to make it a little more public than I would ideally like to lol.

So... 'Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its back to freelance we go!

My last day at Rockstar North will be the 24th October, then I shall be moving back to Consett once more and will be #starting looking for freelance work from the start of November. I'd like to wish everyone at Rockstar North all the best for the future and say how much I have enjoyed my time there. 

So the many of my old freelance clients... take note, Wayne's back on the scene again for all those crazy jobs no one else thinks they can do.   ;)  

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Re-releasing the 90's

The early and mid 90's were a mad and bad time for me.  I had no direction in life, I'd been homeless for a while and basically did very little of note in that time.  However one single 24 hour period stands out  It was either 1997 or 1995 (I'm actually not sure which but I'm going with 95 as its the later date, I could work it out precisely but that stuff isn't at my place in edinburgh).

I woke up one day and decided I was going to write and record an album.  At the time I had just got a house to rent after being homeless, I was let's put it politely a 'troubled individual' (as you see things when homeless that never leave you.)  I sat down and in what was probably the most musically creative nonstop 24 hours of my life I wrote and recorded an album that I later released.

It was called 'Hobbs Lane' and only featured  me on guitar, me on bass and me on drums.  No electronic stuff... just each instrument played live in a single take.  At least half the songs were written while I was recording them...I'd lay down a guitar track then work out what the bass was doing..what the drums would be doing and what the lead would be lol.

So to cut a very long (and probably boring story to everyone else) short, I decided as its now either 17 or 19 years old that it deserved a proper full remastering and release.  In fact my intention is to release two version ... one will be a vanilla full remaster I've done myself (one of my many skills).  While the other will be putting in all those instruments I wanted to at the time but couldn't play yet. (Now I can it only seems right to finish the album properly lol).

So I've uploaded 3 tracks from the Hobbs Lane remaster.  Enjoy...because in many ways at was at this point that not just my music...but also my 3d were born (as I had literally just started doing 3d a few weeks before) I recorded this album in my house with very little furniture and no carpets on the floor.  24 hours I remember very fondly...even if I can't remember the exact year lol.

It reminds me of how far I have came ..and to never forget where I started out.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Auction raised £102

For those of you that are wondering, the Painting I did of Robin Williams raised £102 for the Samaritans and is currently on its way to them. As I'm not sure if they wish to remain anonymous, I'm assuming that they do unless I hear otherwise.  The independent 3rd party has been kept in the loop the entire way and now the only steps left are the actual arrival of the painting and eBay giving the money to the Samaritans.  I’ll keep everyone informed once both this events have occurred.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Robin Williams Portrait Painting auction is now live to raise money for the Samaritans

The auction of the Robin Williams painting of mine to raise money for the Samaritans is now live for the next 7 days.  So show you have a heart and bid on it.  I fully expect every company I have dealt with to share this as this is an IMPORTANT issue, if you do not then you are showing that you are no friend to the great many who suffer from depression and depression related illnesses.

If everyone can share this as much as possible that'd be great, if it makes you feel more comfortable, even leave out my name...after all its not about me, or you or Robin Williams but for a greater good.

Sorcha NĂ­ Mhaonaigh has agreed to be the independent 3rd party to ensure that everything remains fair and above board. 100% of the money is going to the Samaritans.

BTW ignore the Buy it Now price as I had to put something and thought 'screw it lets aim high!' (If tracey emin can sell a fucking unmade bed I'm sure a painting of mine has to be worth something. lol)